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Best and Top Paying CPM Ad Networks for Indian Traffic. Many blogger who are from India are searching for a good CPM ad network for their blogs and websites.

imageHere are some of the best paying CPM Ad networks in India:

1. Google AdSense: No one can beat Google AdSense what ever the country is. AdSense is the best paying CPM ad network for Indian traffic. They have both CPC and CPM ads and their ads will be contextual which will automatically display relevant ads. They pay via check for Indian publishers.

2. Tyroo: This is another good option if you have Indian traffic. This company is funded by Yahoo and they are growing fast. They display CPM ads related to Finance, Technology, Cricket, News and Regional Inventory.

3. Komli: Komli is another ad network for Indian traffic  which has ability to display formats like banners and rich media. This is also a CPM network but some times it displays CPA (cost per action/conversion) ads. This company also linked with Pubmatic ad company which helps publishers.

4. Ozone Media: This is another alternative for AdSense, this is a Bangalore based company and is serving with major Indian News Channel websites and is growing day by day.

5. Tribal Fusion: This is  a global ad network and is a popular ad network for CPM ads. But to get approval for this network you need high traffic, and this ad network works better with technology blogs in India as they don't have much ads for Entertainment and other category blogs and websites.

Other than Google AdSense all other networks for Indian traffic have low CPM which ranges from $0.05 to $0.50. But if you want to earn extra revenue or did not get AdSense approval then you can try other networks specified above. If you have more content and less images you can also try text link ads like info links

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Google AdSense

 This is one of best program for online money earning, I have published a complete guide for How to make money online from Google on this website, if you keep your head cool and go through all articles on this website you will find a page where I have given very professionally how you too can get in to Google AdSense and how you can make money online. Finally if you don’t find the details here on this website, as I said you can send me an email and ask for my eBook, which I give you for free.

If you have a Google AdSense account and want to make some extra cash online, I suggest you to join This website charges $6 for yearly membership so as to avoid wrong people joining them, if you write article( They call articles as a Intel) on their website they allow you to put your Google AdSense Ads and other affiliate links on your articles, the articles on their website get high traffic and you get good money.

Similarly there is this website is a best place to make money online. You need to write few lenses ( They call articles as a lenses) both above websites are Page rank 7 websites and trust worthy.They pay you part of money earned from ads on your articles.Its good one my friend is making $1000 a month.
is an online advertising program with which you can make good money online with your website, if you have a good traffic website join this program, if you integrate both Google AdSense and Chitika ads together on your website they are compatible with each other and you get good money from both programs.
is an online advertising company you can make money online with your websites and blogs by displaying in text links ads, which is a unique feature of this advertising, if you have website and blog with which you wish to make money online, just signup for this program, but it demands great and high traffic for making some money. Just give your try and see what suits to you.

Facts about Online money making:
Its better to learn your self, if some one asks you to pay big money in turn of some online business just find about their reputation online, find it on Google by goggling their name you get detail about their reputation if they are genuine.


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    its just a social network that pays!!!

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  3. Thanks for the info.. really useful..

  4. Best paying CPM AD Network for Indian and Other Countries

  5. Best paying CPM AD Network for Indian and Other Countries

  6. cost per view (pop) network is one of best cpm program who pay for indian and asian traffic, Easy to get accepted and a single code websites that is really very helpful for all small bloggers.

  7. If you are not using adsense, that indirectly means you've some shady content on your website.So,best way to deal with such content is to use adult/general popunder ads.Popunder ads are those which open when a user clicks anywhere on your website.I'll list out few companies that pay very good for Indian traffic.

    Plugrush (My personal favorite and it has ecpm of $1.7-2.0 for mobile traffic and $0.5 -1 for popunder )

    eDomz -(Again cool network and decent payout rates for Indian traffic)

    cpmleader - (good for cpm banners )

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