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There are basically two ways to log into Gmail. Either by using the Gmail web interface that is available for most users at or by accessing Gmail remotely using desktop or mobile email clients. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages.

A Gmail login at the website is not bound to a specific location, users can be anywhere and access their email account if they have a connection to the Internet there. Remote clients, like the desktop email programs Outlook or Thunderbird, on the other hand offer other advantages. Emails can be accessed even without an Internet connection for one. They can also be stored locally and not on a remote server, which provides access to them even if no Internet connection is available.img_131262_gmail-logo
One of the main problems users of the Gmail web interface face is that there is not a good way to switch Gmail accounts or log into two accounts at the same time. The second problem can easily be fixed with the privacy modes that most web browsers come with (or plan to implement). Privacy mode work independently from the rest of the Internet browser which means that it can be used to log into Gmail separately.

Gmail login

The Grease monkey script Google Account Multi-Login is another possibility. While it does not offer simultaneous Gmail logins it provides an easier way to switch between Gmail accounts directly in the web interface.
Gmail Account Login Troubleshooting
A user with login problems has to access the situation in detail.
· Is the Gmail website loading?
· Are username and password of the email account accepted?
· Does the Gmail page list an error message?
There are certain “best practices” when dealing with log in problems at the Google Mail website(the correct url is actually The first is to ensure that the website is loading properly. This can be done by clearing the Internet cache or trying another web browser to access the Gmail homepage.
Open your favorite web browser and enter into the address bar. Is Gmail loading or is the page showing an error message or remaining blank? It may help to clear the browser cache and try again, or to use another web browser to log into the email service. Browsers to try include Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome (The Fastest Web Browser Provided By Google) Chance is that a firewall, router or computer virus are blocking access to Gmail on the computer.
A last resort would be to try another computer to see if the Google Mail website opens on that PC.
A forgotten username and password on the other hand, or usernames and passwords that are not accepted by the Gmail login page usually require filling out a help document to make Gmail resend the data so that the Gmail account can be accessed once again.

The cannot access my account page aids the user in retrieving the relevant account information.

Direct Links
· Gmail Homepage with login form, go here.
· If you forgot your password go here
· If you forgot your username go here
· If your account has been compromised go to the account recovery form here
Further information are available at the Gmail login page at the Login Helper website.
Gmail users need to assess the situation in detail, before they can troubleshoot it. The guide should have made it clear that there are different possibilities why a Gmail account cannot be accessed by a user.

Google users who have fixed their Gmail login issues are encouraged to share their experience with other users to aid them in resolving the login issues on their end.


Google has introduced the new 2-step verification option to improve the security during log ins. The new feature utilizes smartphones that generate or receive a temporary code that needs to be entered during the Gmail login. This basically adds a second layer of defense to the sign-in process so that attackers need to get hold of the username and password as well as the one time code. Gmail users can configure the 2-step verification under their Account Settings. It is recommended to add a backup phone or backup in case the phone gets lost or stolen.


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